7 days best of Madhya Pradesh tour package

Day 01

Reach Bhopal at your convenience and check in into one of the numerous hotels according to your budget and preference.

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is often described as the “City of Lakes”. So don’t forget to visit the two magnificent lakes at Bhopal – the Upper Lake (Badaa Talaab) and the Lower Lake (Chota Talaab) in the afternoon. The charming beauty and serenity of the place will definitely make you wonder struck.

However if you are a student of history or is interested in discovering the culture and history of India, then you must visit the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (National Museum of Mankind) and the Bharat Bhawan.

Day 02

After having breakfast leave the Bhopal hotel and drive towards Pachmarhi, which is about 195 Km from Bhopal.

On the way make sure to visit the impressing Shiva Temple in Bhojpur that boasts the largest Shiva lingam in India. Don’t also miss the remains of the Cyclopean dam at Bhojpur that dates back to 1010-53 A.D.

Next visit Bhimbetka, a UNESCO recognized world heritage site that exhibit the earliest traces of human life in India. With more than 600 rock caves having Stone Age rock paintings that are approximately 9,000 years old, Bhimbetka spells awe and wonder in the heart and mind of every traveler. For all the more information on Bhimbetka, just click HERE

After witnessing the treasure trove of Bhimbetka drive straight to reach Panchmarhi in four hours. Check into one of the numerous hotels at Panchmarhi and relax.


Panchmarhi waterfall

Day 03

After breakfast, enjoy full day sightseeing in Panchmarhi. Don’t miss out to visit the Pandava caves, Jata Shankar Caves, Apsara Vihar and several others. For all the information on what to see in Panchmarhi, just click HERE.

Day 04

After breakfast give adieu to the hill resort of Panchmarhi and depart for Bandhavgarh. This is the day of your whole tour where you will travel the longest, so start early and leave Panchmarhi by 7.30 am.

On the way, stop at Bheda Ghat, to see the world famous “Marble Rocks Canyon.” You will reach Bheda Ghat in 3 hours.

At Bheda Ghat you will witness an awesome spectacle of nature where the majestic huge stones form a valley and the River Narmada silently makes its way through. The rocks rise to about hundred feet height on either sides of the River Narmada.


Marble Rocks at Bheda Ghat

The best way to enjoy the sheer charm of these white marble rocks is by taking a boat ride on the holy river of Narmada. The boat ride between the gleaming marble rocks is an awesome experience.

Don’t miss out the Dhuandhar or the smoke cascade waterfall situated just a kilometer from Bheda Ghat. To capture the best comprehensive pictures of the waterfall one must opt for rope-way ride over the river.

Later in the day begin your journey to Bandhavgarh where you can reach comfortably in the evening. Check into one of the hotels for your overnight stay at Bandhavgarh. From Bheda Ghat, you can reach Bandhavgarh National Park main entrance gate at Tala in near about 3 hours and 30 minutes comfortably.

Day 05

The fifth day of your tour is dedicated for visiting the Bandhavgarh National Park and surroundings. During your Jungle Safari you do have a fair amount of chance of coming across a tiger roaming freely in the wilderness of its natural habitat. Experience the thrill of Jungle Safari and appreciate the natural beauty & fascinating landscape of Bandhavgarh National Park.


Tiger strolling at Bandhavgarh National Park

Day 06

After breakfast, depart for Khajuraho, which is at a distance of about 235 Km from Bandhavgarh. It will take a maximum of 5 hours to reach Khajuraho.

After reaching Khajuraho check into one of the hotels. It is important to reach Khajuraho within 12 noon, so that you can be ready to visit the fascinating temple complex of Khajuraho after having your lunch.


Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho temple complex is acclaimed worldwide because of the numerous images with erotic sculptures that depict innocent form of love and passion. The thousand year old Khajuraho temples with exquisitely carved stone shrines manifest the essence of the philosophy of Kamasutra and are unique in the world.

For all the more information on what to see in Khajuraho, where to stay at Khajuraho and many more, just click HERE.

Day 07

Only half a day is not enough to have a glimpse of all the important temples at Khajuraho. So this is sixth day of your tour is also dedicated for Khajuraho.

Don’t miss out to visit the Archaeological Museum and Shilpgram.

This is the last day of your tour and you are at your liberty to leave Khajuraho by evening and proceed towards your home. You can also stay overnight at Khajuraho and proceed next day.

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