Mount Abu – a romantic hill town

Mount Abu, nestled amidst lush green forested hills at the southern tip of the Aravalli ranges is the only hill station of Rajasthan. Apart from its hypnotizing scenic beauty, Mount Abu is an important pilgrimage centre of Jains and famous throughout the world for the splendid architecture of the Dilwara Jain Temple. Extremely favourite among foreign tourists and honeymooners, Mount Abu is aptly referred to as the paradise of Rajasthan. This pristine hill station attracts more than three million national and international tourists every year.


Front view of Dilwara Jain Temple

Where is Mount Abu?

Mount Abu is in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan in India and is at a distance of 58 Km from Palanpur.

About Mount Abu

Situated at an altitude of 1220 m, the pristine hill town of Mount Abu with its picture-postcard surrounding is a colorful fusion of lot of elements. The innumerable lovely cottages reminiscent of its colonial past, mesmerizing beauty of the forested hills which are a treat to eye and the innumerable ancient temples with amazing architectural work make Mount Abu more than just a hill town. Mount Abu is in fact a green oasis in the barren desserts cape of Rajasthan and the only summer retreat of the whole of North West India.
Once home to the meditating Rishi and Munis, Mount Abu is a place worth visiting as natural and manmade beauty has come together here in the form of enjoyable scenic beauty, amazing architectural works and archaeology. During the British rule in India, it was the favorite summer destination of the British, who came here to escape the dusty, dry heat of the plains particularly Rajasthan. It also served as a sanatorium for the troops. Mount Abu with its world-class tourist facilities also provides a lot of scope for adventure and eco tourism making it a great holiday escape and honeymoon attraction.
Mount Abu is synonymous with Jainism. The world famous Dilwara Temple, dedicated to Jain Tirthankars is an important and popular Jain pilgrimage centre.

Sightseeing in and around Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temple – This is a complex of five temples dedicated to Jain Tirthankars and built between 11th and 13th century AD. The five temples are :-
1. Vimal Vasahi (Shri Adinathji temple)
2. Luna Vasahi (Shri Neminathji temple)
3. Pithalhar (Shri Rishabh Deoji temple)
4. Khartar Vasahi (Shri Parshavnathji temple)
5. Mahaveer Swami (Shri Mahaveer Swamiji temple)

Vimal Vasahi temple, built in 1031 AD by Vimal Shah and dedicated to the first of the Jain Tirthankars, Adinathji is carved of white marble. The splendid metallic idol of Adinath made of brass and gold needs special mention.
The Luna Vasahi Temple dedicated to the 22nd Tirthankars – Neminath, were built in 1231 AD by the brothers Vastupal and Tejpal, who were ministers of Raja Vir Dhawal, a local ruler of Gujarat.
Both these temples are the finest examples of exquisite marble carvings which at times seem to be out of the world. Exuberant carvings and ornamentation work on the walls, doors, pillars, mandaps, torans, ceilings etc. are a treat to eye. The designs depict life stories of Jain Tirthankars, scenes of Gods & Goddesses and great men from Jain and Hindu Mythologies. Stone work at Dilwara Jain temple has given birth to a new style of marble architecture in Indian history. Each nook and corner of the Dilwara temples are so magnificently carved that it’s a wonder that the effigy was created out of a single plain stone.
In fact Dilwara temples are one of the most popular tourist destinations of India that are frequented by tourists from around the world throughout the year.


View of the Achalgarh fort on the top of a hill

Achalgarh Fort – 8 Km from the hill town of Mount Abu is the fort of Achalgarh, built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar. Surrounded by massive walls and located at the top of a hill, this 14th century fort is extremely popular among tourists and provides beautiful view of the lovely surrounding. Enclosed within the fort are some beautiful Jain temples and the 9th century temple of Achleshwar Mahadev. Nearby is the pleasant Mandakini Lake, enclosed by rocky hills, with images of a Rajput king and buffaloes.
Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple – This 2500 year old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is believed to be the place having the footprints of Lord Shiva. The temple lies within the Achalgarh fort complex. The great toe of Lord Shiva is worshipped in the temple. The temple encloses a beautiful structure of Nandi made of the five metals – gold, silver, copper, brass and zinc, called Panchadattu, and weigh more than 4 tons and also three large stone buffaloes.

Picturesque Nakki Lake at Mount Abu

Nakki Lake – This artificial lake at an elevation of 1200 m above sea level is believed to have been carved by God using His nails. The lake is dotted with several tiny islets approachable by boat. Strange rock formations around the lake evoke special interest. Especially notable is the Toad Rock which looks like a real toad about to jump into the lake. The temple of Kunwari Kanya beside the lake is visited by maidens, as well as by unmarried ladies so as to pray for a happy married life.
Boating in the calm waters of the lake enjoying panoramic views of the adjacent hills is a memorable experience. Some people believe that bathing in this lake is as purifying as bathing in the holy Ganges.
Garumukh Temple – Dedicated to Saint Vashisth, the Garumukh temple, nestled amidst spectacular surroundings is an important pilgrimage and meditation centre. A natural spring flowing through a sculpted cow’s head gives the shrine its name. Garu means cow and Mukh means mouth. The temple is one of the oldest of Mount Abu and is a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination.
Adhar Devi Temple – Nearly 3 Km north of the Mount Abu town is the temple of Adhar Devi chiseled out of a huge rock. Dedicated to the Goddess Durga, the temple is a fine example of rock cut sculpture and attracts pilgrims from across the country especially during the 9 days of the holy Navratri season. One very special feature of the temple is that one have to stoop really low to get through the short entrance of the temple. Picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests are tourists delight.
Trevor’s Tank – Named after the British engineer who constructed it, Trevor’s Tank is a delight for bird watchers. The dense hill surrounding the tank houses a wide variety of birds including a few migratory birds as well. Situated at a distance of 5 Km from the town of Mount Abu, the place is a popular hangout spot for the tourists.
Guru Shikhar – A well known Hindu pilgrimage site, the Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of the Aravali range situated at 15km northeast of the hill town of Mount Abu. A small shrine of Ahilya Devi and a temple of Dattatreya standing on the shikhar are worth a visit. At an altitude of 1722 m it is the best place to have a bird’s eye view of the sylvan surroundings of Mount Abu.
Honeymoon Point – Originally known as Anadara Point, the place is now known as Honeymoon point because of the scores of honeymoon couples that frequent it every day. On the north-west of Nakki Lake, at an elevation of 4000 ft the place offers an enchanting view of the verdant plains and valleys. When the setting sun spreads its orange wings, the heavenly view of the Abu Valley and acres of lush greenery makes the place extremely romantic.
Shri Raghunathji Temple, The Dashaavtar Temple, The Durga temple, Ambika Mata Temple Brahmakumari Ashram and the Wildlife Sanctuary are also worth a visit.

How to reach Mount Abu?

By Air – Dabok airport at Udaipur is the nearest airport. Daily flight form Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur are available to Udaipur.
By Rail – Abu Road at a distance of 27 Km, on Delhi-Mumbai rail route is the nearest railway station.
By Road – Excellent road network links Mount Abu with places like Jaipur, Delhi, Udaipur, Ajmer etc.

Where to stay at Mount Abu?

Maya International (02974-235577)
Banjara (02974-235478)
Mini Mount (09339798395)
Lake Palace (02974-237154)
Hote Ashoka (02974-235559)
Maha Rana Pratap (02974-238277)

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