Alampur – temple town near Hyderabad

The temple town of Alampur, near Hyderabad is known as the Dakshina Kailasam and home to nine Nava Brahma temples dedicated to Lord Shiva built by the Badami Chalukyas about 200 years ago. The holy city of Alampur located at the confluence of Tungabhadra and Krishna River is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites of India. This place preserves numerous archaeological remains in the form of the temples, which represents a crossbred of architectural style.


Swarga brahma temple at Alampur

Where is Alampur?

The temple town of Alampur is in Mahbubnagar district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located at about 90 KM from Mahabubnagar, 27 km From Kurnool and 200 km from Hyderabad.

About the Temple town of Alampur

Alampur, one of the most sacred places of worship in South India is believed to be the place where the beauty of the earth is concentrated on that bend where the Tungabhadra rushes on to its sangam with that Krishna. The aesthetic pleasure of the striking landscape of Alampur is believed to have fused with the spirits in the shrines where the morning and evening prayers rang to the sound of bells to awaken the deities.


Suryanarayana temple at Alampur

This ancient temple of Alampur built in a Dravidian style has fort like walls, towers and a rich endowment of sculptural work. It is even regarded as one of the finest specimens of Chalukyan architecture.

In and Around Alampur

The Nava Brahma temples are the main attraction of Alampur. The nine Nava Brahma temples enclosed within a miniature fortress on the left bank of Tungabhadra River are, – Taraka Bhramma, Swarga Bhramma, Padma Bhramma, Bala Bhramma, Garuda Bhramma, Kumara Bhramma, Arka Bhramma, Vira Bhramma and the Vishwa Bhramma. All of these temples though dedicated to Lord Shiva are markedly different from each other in their architectural style. The brilliance of the artists who carved the sculptures of these temples is indeed commendable.
Also in the enclosed courtyard is located the Suryanarayana temple, dating back to the 9th century. This temple has reliefs representing the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.


Narsimha temple, an architectural masterpiece

There is also a Narasimha temple with inscriptions from the period of Krishna Deva Raya of the Vijayanagar Empire.
Near Alampur, is Papanasam with a cluster of over 20 temples of varying sizes and styles. The most important of these is the Papanaseswara temple.
To the west of Alampur lies Sree Sailam, which is regarded as one of the greatest Saivite shrines in the Indian subcontinent and constitutes one of the 12 Jyotirlingam shrines of Lord Shiva.

How to Reach Alampur?

By Air – Hyderabad is the nearest airport where both domestic and international planes land. From the airport one can hire private car to reach the sacred temple town Alampur.
By Rail – Kurnool is the nearest railway station from where regular bus services are available to reach Alampur.
By Road – Alampur is well connected with other towns by regular bus services.

Where to Stay?

The temple town of Alampur is most ideally visited from Kurnool located at a distance of just 27 Km. Though the there are a number of good budget hotels available in Alampur but its advisable to visit Alampur from Kurnool which offers a number of good accommodation options. Some of the hotels at Kurnool which one can avail as a staying option during Alampur tour are given below.
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