Ghatshila tour – journey to the land of scenic beauty

Ghatshila on the bank of Subarnarekha River in Jharkhand is known for its refreshing natural beauty. Regarded as one of the famed tourist spot of Jharkhand, Ghatshila attracts quite a large number of tourists for its scenic beauty. The beauty of the undulating forested slopes and the leisurely flowing waters of Subarnarekha River make Ghatshila tour a memorable experience.

Though Ghatshila is a prominent tourist spot of Jharkhand, but the place has been a favourite among the people of Bengal, who have been going there for a change of place and climate as a weekend break. However recent initiatives taken up by the tourism department of Jharkhand is seeing a greater influx of tourists from around the country and even from outside as well.


Mesmerizing greenery of Ghatshila

Where is Ghatshila?

Ghatshila is situated in the East Singbhum district of the newly formed Indian state Jharkhand. Jamshedpur – the prominent industrial town is just 40 Km from Ghatshila.

About Ghatshila

The small town of Ghatshila on the bank of Subarnarekha River (the Bengali word ‘Subarnarekha’ means golden line) has all the making of a great weekend destination. The green hills, the meandering river, the lake and the small fountains are highly rejuvenating for a tired body and soul. The beauty of the river or the charms of the hills are equally captivating.

Ghatshila was formerly the headquarters of the kingdom of Dhalbhum. They established themselves by conquering the western part of Bengal, the area commonly known as Jungle Mahals.


Subarnarekha River flowing through Ghatshila

The sweet water of Ghatshila with natural mineral content needs special mention. The water is said to have medicinal values. A glass of water is enough to fill-up your empty stomach. At several points in Ghatshila will you find a public tube well or Chaapaakal where you can taste fresh water. And probably because of this reason people of Bengal has been flocking at Ghatshila, even before independence.

However no description of Ghatshila would be complete without the mentioning of the famous Bengali writer Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. This noted Bengali writer of Pather Panchali fame was a resident of the city.

What to see during Ghatshila tour?

Being placed between two mountain ranges with the Subarnarekha River separating them from kissing each other, Ghastshila has an irresistible beauty that can be felt on a walk around the town. Though smoking chimneys of factories suggests inroads of industrialization at Ghatshila, yet a walk down the Aam Bagan or the Raj Estate will take you close to lively village life with tribals engaged in their daily rituals.

Apart from enjoying the awesome scenic beauty of the place you can also visit several places in and around Ghatshila that are unique in their very own way. Some of the most popular sightseeing spots of Ghatshila are mentioned below:

Phuldungri Hills – Just 4 Km from the Ghatshila town are the Phuldungri hills that offer a breathtaking view of the city of Ghatshila below. The hills of Phuldungri provide some of the most adventurous trekking trails in India that is not known to much many people. Many trekkers vouch that walking through the dense forest of Phuldungri is an out-of-the-world-experience, where the thick foliage and trees make even sunlight difficult to penetrate.

The joy upon reaching the top of the hillock and the breathtaking view that it offers will remain etched in our memories forever. The sun set and sunrise viewed from the hilltop is a memorable experience. If one is lucky one may come across wild boars, deer, scorpions and even a stray elephant.


Gushing waters of the Dharagiri waterfall during rainy season

Dharagiri Falls – This scenic waterfall located on top of a hillock is another major attraction of Ghatshila tour. One has to trek through thick forests, village roads, amidst enthralling and gripping greeneries to reach this natural fall of 20-25 feet high. The entire path of about 1 Km is through thick forest. If you are lucky enough you can come across wild animals.

It is advisable to take the service of a guide from the village to tread along the banks of the river to reach the falls. On the way to the waterfalls one can view pre-historic carvings seen on riverside rocks. On reaching the fall, the awesome beauty of the place will wipe away all the tiredness and you will definitely fall in love with the place.

Burudih Lake – This is another popular sightseeing spot of Ghatshila and a major attraction of Ghatshila tour. Situated at a distance of 9 Km from Ghatshila town, Burudih Lake is an artificial lake created on the Burudih Dam.


Awesome beauty of the Buridih Lake in Ghatshila

The serene atmosphere and the scenic beauty of the place will make you spellbound. Flanked by low hills and green forests the placid water of the lake provides an ideal site for viewing the sun setting on the western horizon. Reflection of the surrounding hills on the crystal clear water of the lake creates an awesome painting. Along with the picturesqueness the Burudih Lake provides great opportunities to spend some time boating on the calm placid and pristine water of the lake.

Galudih Dam – Just 8 Km from Ghatshila town, Galudih Dam is another popular spot of Ghatshila. The adjacent lake, surrounding rocky hills and Sal Piyal forest together makes a picture perfect location. Don’t miss out the place during Ghatshila tour.

Gouri Kunj – Situated in the Dahigora locality of Ghatshila, Gourikunj is the house where eminent Bengali novelist Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay lived and breathed his last. The one-storied house where the author of famous Bengali novel Pather Panchali (The song of the road) lived with his wife and son from 1938 to November 1, 1950 has recently been restored.


Gourikunj – the place where the famous Bengali writer Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay lived

Presently known as the Bibhuti Smarak Bhavan, it is one of the proud heritage sites that Ghatshila can boast of. Close to the memorial is a library that has been set up in honor of the author.

Rankini Mandir – The Rankini Mata temple dedicated to Kali Mata is quite popular among tourists visiting Ghatshila. This Rankini temple is a very ancient and famous temple in the Eastern Jharkhand area.

Raja Jaganath, belonging to the Royal family of the Kingdom of Dhalbhum constructed the Rankini temple at Galudih. But due to some problem, he shifted the Kali temple along with all the associates and other people to Ghatsila and built up a temple of goddess Kali, which is known as Rankini Mata mandir.

The ancient temple is said to have formerly existed on a rock. The temple even has witnessed human sacrifices in the past till 1865, which was eventually stopped by the British.


Rankini Mandir of Ghatshila

Panch Pandava – 5 Km north-west of Ghatshila is the famous Panch Pandava Tila (hill). A stone in the hill bearing the figures of five men is believed to be that of the Pandava brothers from the mythological epic Mahabharatha has made the place popular among tourists visiting Ghatshila.

Tourists visit the place to witness the stone curvatures similar to head of five men that has resulted from erosion of stone. According to the local people these are the heads of the five Pandava brothers who used to stay in these mountains while they were wandering in exile.

Ratmohona – This is another popular sightseeing spot of Ghatshila which provides a breathtaking view of sunsets and sunrises. Situated on the river bed of Subarnorekha near Tumangdungri, Ratmohana hills have to be reached by trekking along the river bank.


Awesome view of the Subarnarekha River from Ratmohona

Don’t miss out the chance of witnessing the sunset from Ratmohana as it can be your life-long cherished experience. Even the view of the leisurely flowing Subarnarekha River on a normal day will make you spell bound.

How to Reach Ghatshila?

By Air – The Birsa Munda Airport of Ranchi at a distance of about 165 Km is the nearest airport of Ghatshila. However Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport of Kolkata at a distance of about 250 km is the nearest international airport of Ghatshila.

From both the above two airports there are plenty of options available to reach Ghatshila. One can hire vehicle of his or her own need and choice from the airport directly to reach Ghatshila.

By Rail – Ghatshila is quite a prominent and important railway station on the Kharagpur-Tatanagar section of Howrah–Mumbai track.

Notable trains which stop here are Ispat Express, Kurla–Howrah Express, Steel Express. It is well connected to 3 metro cities of India namely Mumbai (by Bombay Express and LTT Shalimar Express), Kolkata (many trains starting from 6 o’clock in the morning by Steel Express to midnight at 1.15 by Samleshwari Exp) and New Delhi (by Neelachal Express, Purushottam Express and Utkal Express). There are many local Passenger trains connecting Jamshedpur and Kharagpur with Ghatshila.

To find all trains to Ghatshila, just click the link:

By Road – Ghatshila is well connected with nearby important places like Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Asansol, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Ranchi, Bokaro and others. Buses plying from Bhubaneswar or Kolkata to Jamshedpur or Ranchi also pass through Ghatshila.

Buses going from Kolkata to Jamshedpur and Ranchi also pass through Ghatshila. Buses plying between Kharagpur and Jamshedpur pass through Ghatshila.

Those travelling from Kolkata by their own vehicle first have to take NH 6 to Bahragora and then take the road to Jamshedpur.

Where to stay during Ghatshila tour?

There are a number of staying options available in Ghatshila in the form of Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Homes and Guest Houses. Ghatshila is indeed flooded with hotels near the railway station so getting a hotel would not be a problem at all. Some of the best hotels and resorts of Ghatshila are:

Bibhuti Vihar– This is the best hotel of Ghatshila that offers both AC and non-Ac rooms at a decent price tag. Run by Jharkhand Tourism the hotel offers luxury rooms with hill view, A/C, multi-cuisine restaurant, conference & marriage facilities, children’s park, badminton court, Landscaped Garden and many more. To know more about this Ghatshila hotel call the hotel reception at: 06585 226506.

Suhasita Resort – This is another budget hotel for staying in Ghatshila. To know more about this Ghatshila hotel call the hotel reception at: 06585-227323,

Hotel Aakashdeep – This is another decent hotel of Ghatshila located near Railway Station. Hotel Akashdeep is a budget hotel that offers accommodation in standard rooms with attached baths and running water. The hotel also has an in-house restaurant. For booking and other related information call at: 06585-226603.

Hotel River View – +91 6585 226 603

Hotel Anwesha – 097481-14667

Hotel Subarnarekha – +91 6585 226 603 / 033-22264661

For the list of holiday homes at Ghatshila just click the link:

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