Hazaribagh – health resort of Jharkhand

Hazaribagh – city of thousand gardens is a popular health resort, located in the newly formed Indian state of Jharkhand. Though one will not find thousand gardens here, but this health resort at an altitude of 2019 ft above sea level, offers excellent scenic beauties all around and is extremely popular among tourists. The Hazaribagh National Park is one of the major tourist attractions of Hazaribagh town. The place is largely visited by tourists who wish to restore their health and rejuvenate amidst picturesque surroundings. Pollution free environment, amass of greenery and excellent climate makes Hazaribagh an ideal health resort.


View of Hazaribagh lake

Where is Hazaribagh?

Hazaribagh is the district headquarter of the district of Hazaribagh in the newly formed state of Jharkhand. It is about 91 Km from the state capital of Ranchi.

About Hazaribagh

Situated on the national highway connecting Ranchi and Patna, Hazaribagh is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of Jharkhand. Nestled on a low hilly terrain, at an average altitude of 600 m, the place is an ideal place to relax and spend time in the lap of nature. Steep hills, dense tropical forests, grassy meadows, Hazaribagh has all the ingredients for being an important tourist destination. This low hill resort is also an eco-tourism hot spot with abundance of varied flaura and fauna.

Sightseeing in and around Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh National Park – The national park at a distance of 17 Km from the town is the prime tourist attraction of Hazaribagh not only for normal tourists but also for wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of eco-tourism. Spreading over an area of 184 Sq.Km and lying at an altitude of 615 m above sea level, the park has an undulating terrain and steep hills. A 111Km long stretch of road in the sanctuary takes the tourists to the remotest corners of the park. The park has many watchtowers that act as perfect hideouts to see the wildlife in its natural surroundings. The park has abundant wild animals like the Cheetal, Nilgai, Kakar, Panther, Sambar, Sloth Bear, Tiger and Wild Boar. The population of the tigers is very less. The Cheetal, Kakar, Nilgai, Sambar and Wild Boar are the most easily spotted animals of the park. The park is surrounded by large habitation of tribal habitation.


Canary hill near Hazaribagh town

Canary Hills – At a distance of about 5 Km from the Hazaribagh town lies Canary Hill which is extremely popular among tourists visiting Hazaribagh. The hill has a well maintained park and is studded with three small lakes. There is also an observation tower in the hill which offers panoramic view of the Hazaribagh town. The place is also an extremely popular picnic spot for offering a fun filled day out.
Hazaribagh Lake – The lake is another major attraction for tourists visiting Hazaribagh. The picturesque setting of the lake and facilities of water sports makes it extremely popular among tourists and locals as well.
Telaiya Dam – At a distance of about 52 Km from Hazaribagh town lies the Telaiya Dam. It is the first dam and hydro -electric power station constructed by Damodar Valley Corporation across Barakar River. This 1,200 ft. long and 99 ft. high dam situated in an ideal surrounding with a reservoir stretching 36 Sq Km is another popular destination which can be a dream day out from Hazaribagh.


Telaiya Dam

Urwan Tourist Complex – At a distance of about 45 Km from the Hazaribagh town lies the Urwan Tourist Complex which is managed by Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation. The tourist complex very close to Telaiya Dam and is a preferred destination for tourists. The serene surrounding of the tourist complex accompanied by facilities for boating in the dam water and other water sports activities makes it extremely popular among tourists. One can also indulge in pure relaxation by the side of the dam water.

How to reach Hazaribagh?

By Air – Airport at Ranchi is the nearest airport of Hazaribagh at a distance of about 95 Km. Ranchi is well connected with with Calcutta, Patna, Lucknow and Delhi by regular flights of Indian Airlines.
By Rail – Koderma railway station at a distance of about 59 Km is the nearest railhead of Hazaribagh. One can also opt for Hazaribagh Road railway station at a distance of about 67 Km from Hazaribagh as it is on the Howrah-Delhi Grand Chord line.
By Road – Hazaribagh town is well connected by good conditioned road to Ranchi (91 Km), Dhanbad (128 Km), Gaya (130 Km), Patna (235 Km), Daltongunj (198 Km) and Kolkata (434 Km).

Where to stay at Hazaribagh?

Hazaribagh being an important and popular tourist destination offers a number of good staying options, ranging from budget and cheap hotels to luxurious accommodation. Names of some of the good hotels are listed below along with their contact numbers.
Canary Hill Resort (Phone number – 06546-222339)
Hotel Upkaar (Phone number – 06546-262246)
Aranya Vihar (Phone number – 06546-224337)
Hotel Amrapali (Phone number – 06546-267891)
Hotel Prince (Phone number – 06546-222139)
Mayauri Regency (Phone number – 06546-227939)
Hotel Arya (Phone number – 06546-272322)
Hotel Skylok (Phone number – 06546-260991)
Hotel Upwan (Phone number – 06546-227255)
Al of the above hotels are mid range budget hotels offering standard accommodation at affordable prices.

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