Itachuna – weekend tour near Kolkata

Itachuna is the new off-beat weekend tour destination of Bengal. Itachuna is ideal for a short weekend tour near Kolkata spent amidst royal heritage, as the place is situated within two hours of driving distance from Kolkata.


Ranveer Singh at the Itachuna Rajbari during the shooting of Lootera

Till very recently, the name of Itachuna was not known to many. But after latest Bollywood blockbuster, Ranveer Singh-Sonakshi Sinha starrer Lootera was shot at Itachuna Rajbari and the news came in media, people started thronging the place in large number. The Rajbari at Itachuna being promoted as a “Heritage Homestay” by the owners is making it a perfect place for a great weekend. Soon the travel freak Bengalis have discovered it to be an ideal place for a grand weekend where one can have a taste of royal comfort and luxury in an idyllic location perched amidst greenery.

Spending a day or two at the Rajbari, visiting some of the popular historic places around, soaking in royal legacy, experiencing the calmness of the place and getting a feel of the history and heritage of Bengal, Itachuna has all the ingredients for the making of a great weekend tour near Kolkata. So, if you wish to surrender to the royal aura within true historical surroundings that has been left untouched by time, Itachuna is the perfect place.


Frontal view of Itachuna Rajbari

History of Itachuna Rajbari

Itachuna Rajbari, having the other name of ‘Bargee Danga’ had been constructed in the year 1766 by Shri Safallya Narayan Kundu. The name ‘Bargee Danga’ came from the ‘Bargees’, the erstwhile Maratha warrior groups who invaded and plundered Bengal time and again between 1741- 1751. One such faction of the Bargees, known as ‘Kundans’, settled here and later came to be known as ‘KUNDU’ of today. Later, in the year 1896, Shri Narayan Kundu reconstucted the Rajbari.

Present inheritors of the Zamindar family, Shri. Rabindra Narayan, Shri Dhruva Narayan and Shri Basav Narayan Kundu decided to restore the glory of the Rajbari which remained in an abandoned and neglected condition for years. As a part of the ambitious project the brothers decided to follow the Rajasthan model to promote heritage home-stays in the palace. Currently, 11 rooms of the Rajbari are being rented out to travelers and tourists.

About the Itachuna Rajbari

The century-old Itachuna Rajbari, a brick-red magnanimous structure in the midst of lush greenery coupled with some great historic places around, Itachuna has all the potential to develop into a sought after weekend destination. It is a place where you can be yourself and connect with the nature without getting disconnected from the comfort of modern living. At the Rajbari, you can sense the royal aura, get a feel of living amidst history, relax in the garden behind the mansion and smell the odour of freshness or even cherish the engulfing calmness of the surrounding at night.


Courtyard and the Temple of Itachuna Rajbari

The Kundu family-owned Itachuna Rajbari, rich in heritage and history is a massive opulent structure to enter. The huge Itachuna Rajbari with five mahals, as we often read in story books “Panch Mahala Zamindar Bari” not only speaks of the rich legacy of the family but also about its affluence. The five mahals are the, Courthouse, Ballet Dancing Hall, Kitchen house, Guest house and an Andar Mahal for ladies. Long corridors surround each of the mahals and are separated from each other by separate doors.

The Ballet Dancing Hall or the ‘Nautch Ghar’ is particularly captivating with its beautiful chandelier and ancient hand-drawn fans mounted on the ceiling. Inside the Andarmahal premises lies the “Thakur Dalan” where the family deity, ‘Shreedhar Jeeu” is still today offered prayers four times a day, with occasional mass gatherings in the plush courtyard.


Passage in front of the royal rooms at Itachuna Rajbari

The rooms that are now provided to weekend travelers are all furnished with antique furnitures. The pictures of ancestors adorning the walls, old metal caskets, antique chairs, wooden tables, ornate bedposts and stretched low-lying sofas make time stand still. You will definitely have the feeling of breathing history, smelling the past and the British Bengal whispering and murmuring in your ears.

In the backyard of the Rajbari, is a lush green area, erstwhile ‘Khamar Bari’, with a “Khidki Pukur”, a wall bound pond for the ladies. The place provides an ideal location for outdoor shooting and is perfect for get-togethers.
It’s worth mentioning about the roof top terrace connecting all the five mahals. The sight of the panoramic view of sunset behind the farmlands from such a long and wide rooftop will definitely make you spellbound. And if it is a moonlit night or even a moonless starry night, you will be mesmerized by the wonderful beauty of the place and will be surprised why the place remained unknown till recently. You will definitely advice or even force your friends, relatives and known ones to visit the place.

For a virtual tour of the Itachuna Rajbari watch out this youtube bideo at:

Staying at Itachuna Rajbari

Staying within the centuries-old Itachuna Rajbari is in itself a matter of absolute intrigue and fascination. The well maintained Rajbari, rich in heritage and history may not give you the luxurious comfort of a five-star resort, but is an experience which not even the best of the resorts of the world will be able to give you.


Inside view of one of the rooms of Itachuna Rajbari

There are four categories rooms available for accommodation in Itachuna Rajbari. Eight of the rooms have facility of air-conditioner. Air-conditioners work through generators, which need to be booked at least two days before your trip.

There are five ultra-modern rooms with attached open garden terrace decorated with antique pieces and psychedelic lightings and a beautiful fountain. The ultra-luxury rooms are provided with royal styled decors and come fitted with all creature comforts like geysers, air conditioners, uninterrupted power supply, TV with cable connection and telephone etc

The area is exceptionally beautiful with an overlooking manicured garden and open portico. All the palatial rooms with king size cot of original Segun (Teak) and large attached baths will make your stay a comfortable and royal at the same time. The services are not professional, rather homely, which will make you feel to be in your own home. Though not trained, yet the staffs are all extra courteous, honest and hard-working, striving to make your stay comfortable. Unconditional smiling service of the staffs round the clock will definitely pamper you.

The authentic and genuine Bengali cuisines served at the Itachuna Rajbari are simply delicious and hard to miss out. From divine ‘Luchis’ with “Saada Alur Tarkari”, “Dhokar Dalna” and “Shukto” to the sumptuous “Kasha Maangsho”, the menu represents some of the best age-old dishes from Bengali cuisine.

Prior booking is a must if you wish to stay at the Itachuna Rajbari. Considering the huge rush on weekends, one can opt for visiting the the fascinating Itachuna Rajbari on weekdays as well. For booking contact at any of the following numbers: +91-9331029672 / 9831049816 / 9830142389 / 9331022633

What to do at Itachuna?

In the very first place, a walk through the entire Rajbari is a must. The walk is nothing short of a journey through time which is often punctuated by the chirping of birds or the sweet ringing of bells coming from the temple inside.

Don’t miss out the early morning or late evening walks through the lush fields or watching the picturesque sunset from the ‘pukurpar’ (pond).

Also don’t miss out the remnants of an ‘Atithisala’ the century old guest house for the priests and sanyasis, lying in a dilapidated condition just opposite to the Rajbari.

You can fly kites in the terrace, play Kabaddi or Kho-Kho or Kit-Kit, sit under the starlit sky with the noise of the last passing train, soak in the local culture and can even smell the wet soil. In short you can be yourself and let yourself loose free.

What to see at Itachuna?

Apart from basking in the royal aura of the Rajbari, you have the option of visiting some of the famous historic places around Itachuna. There are  quite few place in and around Itachuna that offers the much needed spices for a great weekend tour near Kolkata.


Bandel Church – sightseeing spot near Itachuna Rajbari

The historical Bandel church is only 45 min drive from Itachuna. The heritage sight of Chinchura Imambara is just 40 min drive. The century old Pandua Minar, a very fascinating monument is only 15 min drive. The French colony of Chandernagore is very near, and can be reached by driving for only 30 minutes.

How to reach Itachuna?

By Road

Hardly matters where you are, you can reach Itachuna easily from Kolkata or Durgapur or Asansol or Bardhaman. You should first get on to the Durgapur Expressway.

Travelling direction from Asansol, Durgapur and Bardhaman:
Get on to the Durgapur Expressway and follow direction for Kolkata. After crossing the Palsit toll plaza travel for nearly 18 to 20 Km and take the exit from Durgapur Expressway and turn left towards Magra-Gurap Road. This is Bosipur. Pass by Punjab National Bank on the left after taking on to the Magra-Gurap road.
Now drive straight towards Halusai which is approximately 19 kms from Bosipur. Then take left on to Polaba-Khanyan road and drive towards Khanyan Railway Station. After 10 mins drive from Halusai ITACHUNA RAJBARI is on the left hand side of the road.

Travelling direction from Kolkata:
From Kolkata go Straight to Durgapur Expressway via Dakhineswar or Vidyasagar setu and proceed towards Bardhaman. You will at first cross the Dankuni toll plaza and after driving for nearly 40 Km from the toll plaza, you will cross Azad Hind Dhaba and then Hindusthan Hotel on the left, take the next left exit and turn right under the bridge, this is Bosipur.
Now drive straight towards Halusai which is approximately 19 kms from Bosipur. Then take left on to Polaba-Khanyan road and drive towards Khanyan Railway Station. After 10 mins drive from Halusai ITACHUNA RAJBARI is on the left hand side of the road.

By Rail

Board any Bardhaman bound local train from Howrah through Main Line and get down at Khanyan railway station. But if you are travelling from Durgapur or Bardhaman or Asansol, board any Howrah bound local train and get down at Khanyan railway station. From Khanyan rail station, ITACHUNA RAJBARI is just 3 Km away.

By Air

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata is the nearest airport at a distance of about 65 Km from Itachuna. From the airport hire a pre-paid car and reach Itachuna Rajbari within 1 hour 30 minute.

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