Tajpur – new virgin weekend beach destination

Tajpur– one of the recently discovered beach destinations of West Bengal is fast becoming popular. Digha and Mandarmani, the other two well known and popular beaches nearby may have better facilities for tourists, but the kind of virginity and secludedness that the beach of Tajpur offers is unique of its kind. The untouched beach of Tajpur fringed by dense forest of Tamarisk and Casuarinas trees provides an ideal setting for a relaxed weekend holiday away from the humdrum of the city life.


Picturesque beach of Tajpur

Where is Tajpur?

Tajpur, the latest addition in the tourist map of Bengal is in the East Midnapur district of West Bengal. It is at a distance of about 180 Km from Kolkata and 20 Km from Digha Railway Station.

About Tajpur

Tajpur is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate far away from the maddening city crowds. The untouched and unspoiled beauty of the Tajpur beach surrounded by greenery seems to be a piece of land out of this world. The virgin beach of Tajpur with white sand, blue water and infinite number of red crabs playing hide and seek is truly a place to have a dream weekend. The secludedness of the Tajpur beach will at times make you feel that you own the beach. Tajpur is a practically unknown sea-beach of unmolested virginity which does not draw maddening crowds like Digha or even like nearby Mandarmoni and Shankarpur. The beach is beautifully fringed by dense casuarinas and eucalyptus trees and it is so secluded that one may get a feeling of ‘owning’ the beach.


Tajpur beach fringed by Casuarina and Tamarisk trees

Anyone who wants to explore raw natural beauty must visit Tajpur. The fact that the place is still to become a hot tourist destination is a blessing in disguise. With not much tourists around you will definitely be able to spend some romantic time with your beloved. Wheather you enjoy the waves with your loved one or simply feel the beauty of the nature while soaking in the beach, you will be able to spend some unforgettable time which will definitely remain vivid in mind throughout life.
It is a fact, that still this place does not have the desired amenities and facilities, but the recent interest seen among the tourists to explore this new found virgin destination has indeed acted as a booster and new hotels with better facilities are coming up. Tourism Development Corporation of west Bengal must come up with projects to popularize the beach resort of Tajpur among tourist fraternity. But it should also be taken into consideration that the recent construction spree at Tajpur must not in any way disturb the natural beauty and the ecosystem of the place.


Red crab playing in Tajpur beach

One important feature of Tajpur beach is that the water of the sea recedes by a large distance exposing the hidden treasure of the sea bed. At this time the beach becomes a favourite roaming place of the red crab. Presence of this endangered species makes it all the more special. The fact that the beach is not yet much known and popular among tourists fraternity is a major reason for which this beach resort needs to be explored.

In and around Tajpur

Tajpur is one such place which is an ideal weekend destination and people visiting the place like to spend time relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the place. More popular sea beaches of Digha, Mandarmani and Shankarpur are very close to Tajpur. People visiting Tajpur may visit these places also.

How to reach Tajpur?

Tajpur By Air

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport at a distance of about 180 Km is the nearest airport. From the airport either hire a private car to reach Tajpur or reach Esplanade Bus Terminus and board a bus going to Digha.

Tajpur By Rail

Ramnagar Railway Station and Digha Railway Station are the two nearest railway station of Tajpur. Though Ramnagar is the nearest, but all the trains does not stops here. In that case Digha is the choice by default. From the railway station hire a vehicle to reach Tajpur.

Tajpur By Road

If you choose to go by bus, board any bus going to Digha from Esplanade Bus Terminus of Kolkata. Plenty of buses are available throughout the day that goes to Digha. Get down at Balisahi after Chaulkhola and hire a van rickshaw to reach Tajpur. If you have a prior booking in any of the hotels, then you can ask them to pick you from Balisahi.
If you wish to travel by your own vehicle from Kolkata, then follow this route. Kolkata – Kolaghat – Nandakumar – Contai – Chaulkhola – Balisahi – (turn left) – Alampur (turn right) – Tajpur.

Where to stay at Tajpur?

Virginity and secludedness of the beach is well maintained by the fact that all the hotels and resorts of Tajpur are not on the beach like that in Mandarmani and Digha. In accordance with the rule set by the Ministry of Environment, under Government of India, the hotels and resorts of Tajpur are at a distance from the beach.

Though there are only five to six good hotels in Tajpur, but they too are not fully developed and are under construction. Quite a few new hotels are also coming up at hotels. It is a fact that the hotels of Tajpur are not at par with some of the best hotels of Mandarmani and Digha, but this gets undermined by the awesome natural beauty of Tajpur. Mentioned below are some of the better hotels of Tajpur, which tourists can avail.

Hotel Sagar Kinare

This hotel is very close to the sea beach of Tajpur. Spacious rooms with attached bath and all modern amenities is all set to make your stay a comfortable one. Well ventilated rooms and sea view from all rooms, is an unique experience. For booking contact at – 9593165848. 09732592801, 09593165851. To know more about the hotel and to avail its online booking facility, just click HERE.

Hotel Friends

One Minutes Distance From Sea Beach, Garden,children Play Ground,Carparking Space And Driver Room Available. Booking contact number – 9163914473 .

Tajpur Retreat

This is another good staying option close to the sea beach. With double-bed (A.C and non-AC) and four-bed rooms, with attached bath, this is the most ideal place to spend a weekend at Tajpur. Tenting facilities within the campus, along with separate bathing and associated facilities is all set to make your Tajpur visit worthy to remember. The campus is a three minute walk from the beach. To avail online query and room availability info, just click HERE.
For booking contact at – 9830271064.

Hotel Lake View

Though this hotel is not very close to the beach, but it’s a good budget hotel. In order to book, contact at – 9932403257.

Hotel Sonar Bangla

Situated very close to the sea beach, this is another good and quality staying option. For booking contact at – 9647238302.

Hotel Tambim Inn

It is another good staying option of Tajpur. For booking contact at – 9831021244.

Tajpur Nature Camp

It is one of the best hotels of Tajpur, with facilities of staying in tents. Tajpur Nature Camp is in fact a stylish beach front hotel boasting lush gardens, Eco friendly accommodations, attentive service. For booking contact at – 09831769790, 9163914473. To avail online booking facilities and queries, just click HERE.

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    Thanks for such a informative post. I like it, keep it up!

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  3. Hotels Friends is just One minutes distance From Sea Beach. Garden,children play ground, car parking space And driver’s room available. Double Bed 1000/- 4Beded 1650/- 6Bed-2150/- AC Double Bed 1500/-.
    Tajpur Nature Camp
    Non AC 850/- 4Beded 1200/- AC 1500/-
    Hotel Sona:
    Double Bed 1300/- Double Bed AC 2000/- 4Beded 1600/- 4Bedeed AC 2500/-.


    How far Tajpur is from Balisahi?

  5. Jajabar says:

    Roughly 260 Km is the distance between Balisahi, Odisha and Digha, West Bengal.

  6. barun chattopadhyay says:

    From Balisai more we went to Chandpur, another lonely beach on 27th march ’13, dol purnima..its about 4km by car..thn we on foot visited Tajpur, following sea beach.. At ChaNdpur, you have to leave the beach during high tide, from Chandpur, Tajpur is about 5.5km..and that was a memorable journey..so calm..lonely beach.

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    This information is very helpful for new tourist thanks for giving all such information.

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    This is a website where you will find all the latest and updated information on hundreds of Indian tourist destination. We only provide tour ideas and information. We don’t provide any service on hotel booking or transportation or anything of that sort.

  10. Would like to know if there is any concession for group booking . seeking booking towards end April…12/14 persons

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