Yelagiri – lesser known hill resort in Tamilnadu

A lesser known hill station in Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri is a congregation of 14 villages or hamlets covering an area of 29 square kilometers. Since it is comparatively smaller and has fewer visitors compared to Ooty or Kodaikanal, the most amazing point about Yelagiri is the noiseless life there. The entire surroundings are so quiet that one would want to stay back and enjoy the proximity of nature. Yelagiri offers the joy having no business calls, no cell phone messages, no shouting from the boss and no pressure or deadlines to meet. It’s a pure relaxation spot where the only sound that one can hear is of the birds chirping.


Magnificent view of the Yelagiri Lake amidst Yelagiri Hills

About Yelagiri

Yelagiri in Tamil Nadu is not as developed or as popular as other hill stations like Ooty or Kodaikanal, but recent initiatives by the Tamilnadu government and locals has given it a permanent place in the tourism map of the state. The hill station is surrounded by orchards, rose gardens, and green valleys. The climate here being moderate all-round the year though the best time to visit the place is between November and February.


Numerous hairpin bends on way to Yelagiri

The entire area of Yelagiri used to belong to the Yelagiri Zamindar family and it was taken over by the Government of India in the early 1950’s. The Zamindar’s place of residence still exists in a village called Reddiyur. It is said that the hills were first inhabited about 400 years back by the soldiers from Tipu Sultan’s army. They settled down and became cultivators.

Local government bodies are putting in efforts to promote adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, para gliding and many more at this little hamlet town of Tamilnadu.

Yelagiri had been awarded the second best natural spot in India for Paragliding next to Panchgani in Maharashtra. A Paragliding festival is organized every year where both both Indians and foreigners participate.


Paragliding – a major attraction of Yelagiri

Where is Yelagiri

Yelagiri is about 3460 feet above sea level and is a hill station located in the Vellore district amidst the towns of Jolarpettai and Vaniyambadi in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated between four mountains. To reach the Yelagiri hill top one has to drive on the Ghat road that has 14 hairpin bends. One would enjoy the awesome panoramic views of the hills and its surroundings watching the slopes of the mountains and the green forests that are all over the hills.

Yelagiri Sightseeing

Spending a weekend would be ideal to have great fun and excitement at the Yelagiri hills. Here is an account of some of the best known sightseeing spots of Yelagiri that one must not miss.

Punganoor Lake

This centrally located artificial lake is the most popular tourist attraction of Yelagiri. One can cruise across the lake enjoying the surrounding hills in the pedal or manned rowing boats. A garden and children’s park surrounds the lake and adds to the charming beauty. There is an entrance ticket to be purchased to enter. Picnicking is not allowed inside the park.


Awesome view of the Punganoor lake at Yelagiri

Jalagamparai Waterfalls

The whispering Attaru River flows through the hills and plunge down to form highly captivating waterfalls. It is about 5 kms walk from the Yelagiri and takes about an hour by walk. It would be an ideal place for a day long trek but because of lack of amenities it is better to be stocked well with water and food. It is important to note that the waterfalls depend on the river being full which in turn depends on heavy rainfall. Since there is no particular monsoon season, the hills are most of the time dry unless it rains there.


View of the gushing waters at the Jalagamparai waterfall in Yelagiri


Swamimalai the highest peak in the hills at 4338 feet is a perfect place to trek to. This one hour trek is a major highlighting point of Yelagiri tour. It is in a cake’s shape and one can have magnificient views of the countryside. It is advisable to carry water and snacks while trekking. One can view the entire hill from a small peak.


Nature at its very best on way to Swamimalai

Kodai Vizha Thidal

The park spread across 6 acre land is one of the main attractions and maintained very well near Kodai Vizha Thidal. A boating lake park is located nearby and has a variety of children’s playing facilities. It has a small zoo too. The place is being upgraded to a Nature Park in a 10 acre campus that would be having an artificial falls, aquarium, musical fountain in the evenings and landscaping. Must see shows at 7.00 PM and 8.00 PM.


Park at Kodai Vizha Tidal in Yelagiri

Nilavoor Village

A tribal village about 3 kms away from the hills where a well maintained garden and lake are situated. One can go on a boat ride on the lake. On full moon day, the people here enjoy Kummy Dance, Nila Pattu. There is a Temple of Kadhava Nachiyamman Goddess (the traditional Goddess of the tribals).

Kavalur Observatory

The second biggest observatory in Asia is situated in Kalavur about 25 kms from Yelagiri. It is a restricted area and one has to have permission to visit. The Vainu Bappu Observatory at Kavalur is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Indian Institute of Astrophysics.


Students being briefed inside the Vaini Vapu Observatory at Yelagiri

How to reach Yelagiri

By Air

The nearest airport is the Bangalore International Airport. It is about 145 kms away from the hill station.

By Train

Jolarpettai railway station is the nearest train connection to Yelagiri and is about 21kms away. There are taxis available at the station to reach Yelagiri.

By Road

Yelagiri is well connected with different cities by road. Bangalore is about 156 kms away while Chennai is 218 kms. Driving and taking a train is advisable as bus journeys could cut through major parts of the day time.

Where to Stay at Yelagiri

Still being in a developing state, the services at the hotels leaves a lot to be desired. Here is an account of some of the best of Yelagiri hotels.

Peter’s Park

With fifteen individually owned cottages, Peter’s Park is undoubtedly an ideal place to be in during your Yelagiri vacation. With all the modern amenities that suit a discerning traveler, this star level property has uniquely blended natural beauty with modern-day comfort.

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Hotel Kumararraja Palace

One of the best rated hotels of Yelagiri is the Kumararraja Palace. With 56 well-crafted rooms, swimming pool, banquet hall, Wi-Fi connectivity and many more, Kumararaja Palace is a place to be in for the most memorable weekend ever.

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Hotel Aruvi

This is a comparatively new hotel at Yelagiri where you can enjoy a descent stay at a budget price.

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Hotel Nigress

With a wide variety of room types ranging from heritage cottages, rooms with sit-outs and those with panoramic views of Yelagiri, hotel Nigresss meet every traveler’s taste. Exquisite interiors, impeccable service and fine cuisine combines to make hotel Nigress as one of the most graceful, modern and elegant hotels in Yelagiri.

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