Top 5 off-beat virgin beaches of India

India with its long coastline is known to have numerous incredibly beautiful beaches. In fact some of the best beaches of the world are in India. Eastern coast along the Bay of Bengal and Western coast along the Arabian Sea are abundant with many extremely popular and also off-beat virgin beaches, that are equally unique and beautiful in their own way. Coastal India being close to the equator is also the place where sun’s ray falls almost vertically, making its beaches an ideal place to have sunbath and thus a favorite among foreign tourist for creating a permanent sun tan on skin.


Off-beat virgin beaches of India

Here, in this section we have prepared a list of lesser known virgin beaches of India that are extremely ideal for a secluded interaction with nature and having a vacation of a lifetime. This list of off-beat beaches have been prepared after a long study and giving priority to factors like, beauty of the beach, uniqueness, virginity of the beach and tourist’s amenities. Though we have prepared a list of top 5 off-beat virgin beaches, but the task was indeed very difficult as the number of such beaches in India is an unending one. Undoubtedly this list will raise many eyebrows, as it couldn’t accommodate many off-beat beach resorts that are unique in their own way, but one thing is for sure that after visiting the beaches mentioned in the list, one hardly can replace any one of them. The list randomly mentions the name of the top 5 off beat virgin-beaches of India and in no have been ranked. A brief introduction of each of the 5 beaches has also been included for ready reference.


Ever dreamt of doing paragliding in a beach? Come to Varkala and see for yourself. This quiet and off-beat beach resort of Kerala, barely at a distance of 50 Km from the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram is all set to mesmerize you by its uniqueness. Situated on the Arabian Sea coast, Varkala is known for the long range of cliffs adjacent to the beach, which are a unique geological feature known among geologists as Varkala Formation. It is such a unique landform feature that it has been declared as a geological monument by the Geological Survey of India. There are numerous water spouts and natural spas on the sides of these cliffs. Taking a bath in the bubbling waters of the hot sulphurous springs, brings relief to a number of ailments and provides respite from the aging process.


Paragliding at the virgin beaches of Varkala

The Papanasam beach of Varkala is considered to be sacred by the Hindus, as it is believed that taking a dip in its holy waters washes away all the sins. Religious belief apart, but from the view point of Ayurvedic, the waters of the beach has high medicinal value and gives relief from a number of ailments related to the skin and musculo-skeletal structures. As a result of this, Varkala has developed into an important ayurvedic spa resort, extremely popular among foreign tourists, who come here for variety of spa treatment to rejuvenate and revitalize their tired body and getting a respite from the aging process.
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Situated at a distance of just 40 Km from Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, on the East Coast Road connecting Chennai and Mahabalipuram is the off-beat beach resort of Covelong. The beach of Covelong is an epitome of secludedness where the shining sun, calm sea, shimmering sand and colorful sea-shells forms a unique aura of cheerfulness and magnetism. The palm fringed sun soaked beaches of Covelong along the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal is ideal for all those weary hearts who wishes to relax and rejuvenate away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Calmness of the serene beaches of Covelong

The clean and unpolluted beach of Covelong lies in the lee of an ancient Dutch fort which has now been transformed by the Taj group into a five- star luxury beach resort and named Taj Fisherman’s Cove. Besides this, the beach is embellished with an ancient Catholic Church; ruins, in the form of walls of a Dutch fort and mosque. The beach also offers an incredible range of sports activities like windsurfing, swimming and other water sports.
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The virgin beach of Mandarmani on the coast of Bay of Bengal with no one around, except the golden sand, gentle wave and the sun overhead is indeed a place where one can virtually meet nature in its rarest beauty. Situated in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal, at a distance of about 180 Km from Kolkata, this off-beat beach destination is unique for its 13 Km long motorable road on the beach and a “mohana’ or river delta, at the end of the beach. The unspoilt beach of Mandarmani is an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.


Wide and motorable beach of Mandarmani

The presence of a number of standard and luxurious hotels and resorts, virtually on the beach makes Mandarmani a unique destination in every respect. Most of the hotels remain inaccessible during high tide as one has to drive on the beach to reach this hotels and resorts. View of the sunrise and the sunset is something not to be missed out. The spectacular view of the rising and setting sun will definitely indulge you to fall in love with nature.
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On the Konkan coast along Arabian Sea is the 8 Km long picturesque beach of Tarkarli which has still now retains its virginity and the encroachment of pollution. Situated in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, at a distance of about 546 Km from Mumbai and 400 Km from Pune, the beach of Tarkarli seems to be a rare piece of painter’s canvas. Far away from the humdrum of the city life, the beach of Tarkarli, at the convergence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea with crystal clear emerald green pristine waters where one can clearly see the sea-bed up to 20 feet of depth is a rare epitome of beauty. The long line of casuarinas trees in the backdrop, which seems to hide the beach from outside world, is ideal for those who prefer seclusion and privacy.


Scuba diving at Tarkarli beach

The place first rose into prominence after MTDC set up a luxurious resort at Tarkarli and the Maharashtra Government put the necessary impetus in developing the place into a beach destination. A houseboat ride down the Karli River, introduced by MTDC in 2003 is now one of the unique attractions Tarkarli. Facilities like snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the intriguing underwater life is an added attraction of this off-beat beach destination.
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The beach town of Karwar on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula is the district headquarters of the Uttara Kannada district and is barely 15 km away from south of Karnataka-Goa border. The unexplored beach city of Karwar, sandwiched between the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other is an historic port city ancient used for sea trade with the Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French and later the British. The charming town is complemented by glorious weather, a number of excellent beaches and picturesque surroundings with hills and valleys of the Western Ghats. The pristine beaches with their golden sands, the coconut and casuarinas trees and the unspoilt surrounding offer tourists a rare haven. Water sports like snorkeling, swimming, surfing and diving makes Karwar ideal for adventure sports lover as well.


Captivating view of Karwar beach of India

The captivating landscape of the entire region had once motivated the great Indian poet and Nobel Prize Winner, Rabindranath Tagore to write his first play and remembered Karwar in his writings as well. Sadashivgad Hill Fort on the outskirts of Karwar, which encompasses the famous Durga Bhavani Temple, provides great picturesque views during sunset. Durga Bhavani Temple and Venkataramana Temple which is the ancient architectures found in the place exhibits fine ochre paintings. Another tourist attraction is the Octagonal Church and the famous Dargah of Peer Shan Shamsuddin Kharobat.
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