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Rajgir tour - journey to the land of Buddha

Rajgir tour – journey to the land of Buddha

Tour of the historic town Rajgir is a journey to the rich legacy of Buddhism and Jainism. Many archaeological reminiscent of the life and teachings of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira has made Rajgir, the most popular destination for the followers of Buddhism and Jainism. Rajgir has been a popular tourist destination for years because of its historical importance, picturesque surroundings, a number of hot water spring with medicinal properties and several tourist sightseeing places around including Nalanda University relics. Easytouristguide guides you by providing all the latest and up-to-date information on Rajgir tour.

Sanchi - land of buddhist stupa

Sanchi – land of buddhist stupa

Sanchi – an important destination in the tourism map of Buddhist is known around the world for stupa. Though not directly linked with the life of Lord Buddha, yet Sanchi rose into prominence due to the initiatives taken by the great Mauryan Emperor Ashoka who was an ardent follower of Buddhism and the famous Great Stupa at Sanchi.