Five day Vizag tour package

Vizag – the port city of Andhra Pradesh is a popular tourist destination of India offering unique taste of sea beach, hill resort and pilgrimage. Here is a tour itinerary that will help you in unraveling all the beauties of Vizag tour.

Day 01

Reach Vizag and visit the temple of Simachalam.

Located on the top of a hill at a distance of about 16 Km from Vizag Town, the temple of Simachalam dedicated to Narsimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is referred to as one of the most exquisitely carved temples of South India.

Day 02

Visit the Rushikonda Beach in the morning and while returning from Rushikonda beach visit the Kailashgiri.

The beach of Rushikonda at a distance of just 13 Km from the Vizag town is the most popular of Vizag beaches. The scenic beauty of the Russhikonda beach With facilities for water skiing, sunbathing, wind surfing makes it an ideal destination for every kind of visitors.

Kaliashgiri is undoubtedly the best and most popular sightseeing spot of Vizag. Kailashgiri is basically a hill-top park facing the sea at an altitude of 130 m and where one can reach by a ropeway. The hillock owes its name to the magnificent open air statue of Lord Shiva and Parvati.

Day 03

Travel to Araku and visit the wondrous lime cave named Borra Cave.

Araku is a scenic hill station of Andhra Pradesh at a distance of about 112 Km from Vizag. Catch a early morning train to reach Araku or else you can also go y car. But its is better to avail the train route as the journey to Araku Valley from Vizag is in itself very enjoying as the train passes through around 50 tunnels and it very enchanting to see lush green surrounding, forest, mountains.

Don’t miss out the natural lime cave in the Araku valley that goes by the name of Borra caves. Also called Borra Guhalu it is one of its kind of natural wonders of India. It is the biggest natural stalagmite and stalactite cave in the country where the natural formations can run your imagination wild.

Day 04

Visit the Ramkrishna Beach in the morning and the Visit Dolphin’s Nose and the Submarine Museum in afternoon.

The Ramkrishna Beach though not an ideal beach to bath and swim but is a scenic beach with unique landscape.

Dolphin’s Nose at an altitude of 358 m is known for providing a panoramic view of the city which is indeed a nature’s gift in its rarest form.

Day 05

In the morning visit the markets of Vizag town to collect some memorabilia  and get on to train by evening.

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